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  • How far would you travel to DJ my event?
    Our team of event hosts frequently travel to areas in Northeast & Southeast Pennsylvania as well as North, Central, and Southern New Jersey. It's important to note that we do travel out of state to places like Delaware, but any event outside of a one hour radius from our office in Levittown, PA, may experience a minor travel fee.
  • How much do you charge for your services?
    Milkyway Music Enterprise LLC charges per hour for its DJs and other talents. If you wish to receive a general starting quote, please view our "Services" tab and if you are searching for a more accurate price specific to your event, please fill out a form which can be found on our "Contact" page.
  • Can we create our own playlist and how can we send it to you?
    Absolutely! We encourage all of our clients to send us their playlist through email or text by a link to Spotify / iTunes or typed up as Artists - Song Titles, but let's not forget do-not-play songs! We don't charge extra to create your playlist. We have an enormous music library. We recommend sending us at least 100 songs and you can text us at anytime to add to your list. This is your occasion and you should be able to have a say in what we play!
  • Do you carry liability entertainment insurance?
    It is recommended that entertainment companies do carry their own insurance. This is put in placed to cover accidental damages made by the business and vis versa from the client. Yes, Milkyway Music Enterprise LLC, is fully insured. When a client or corporation books our services at a venue we are also attentive to handling all legal requirements requested by that venue too.
  • Do you bring all the necessary equipment for our event or do we need to provide anything?
    We bring all the equipment needed to every event. For the DJ, we simply need an 8X8 area to set up, near a standard power outlet. The photo booth also has the same requirements. We bring our own 6 foot table and tablecloth; however if a venue provides one for us we may use theirs instead. We usually provide our own photo booth table.
  • Would you perform at an outdoor event?
    Yes, we perform at multiple outdoor food truck events year round! We'll bring our own tent; unless the client insists we use theirs to save us the hassle. It's good to note that if the DJ or Photo Booth aren't setup by an outlet. We may charge a minor fee to run our generator.
  • Do you have backup staff, available, if our main DJ or photo booth attendant gets sick or has an emergency?
    Yes, we have several skilled DJs and attendants ready to go! We check in with the DJ and/or photo booth staff 24 hours before an event and then again, 4 hours before the event start time, to ensure they’re going to make it and throw you a memorble time for you and your guests! If a DJ or photo booth attendant is sick or has an emergency, we will notify our client of the change in whom will be performing or attending.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    Our cancellation policy states that all deposits are non-refundable. We will apply your deposit towards any future event, if you have a signed contract. We will, however, refund 100% of any payments made toward the balance, outside of the deposit. Fortunately, our deposits are very reasonable. Most DJ companies require 50% of the total balance to book an event. On the other hand our deposits are $200 to $400 to secure your date and time, which will also go towards your total amount due. Saving you your money and the worry.
  • What time will you arrive to set up for our event?
    We arrive 1 to 2 hours before the start time of any event, to set up our equipment and run through to make sure there are no glitches. If you book several options from us, such as a DJ, Photo Booth, we will usually arrive 2.5 – 3 hours before the start time of the event. If we need to arrive earlier than 2 hours and it is not a multiple services booking, there may be an additional charge.
  • Will you need a dinner or drinks for you or your staff?
    We do request a vendor meal for any wedding or event that is 4 hours or longer. We ask this because our staff will arrive 2 hours before the start time of any event, and break-down for about 1 hour, after an event, which is a 7 hour days for us. However; if a meal is not provided, please give us a heads up so we can prepare our meals.
  • Do you or your staff drink alcohol on the job?
    This is one of the most important DJ questions that you should ask not only your DJ, but all vendors. We’re professionals and we do not drink alcohol during our business hours and require that all of our staff do not do this, either. We’ll gladly accept water or non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Do you provide an “MC” for our event, who will make necessary announcements?
    Our DJs are trained as MCs so they are capable of hosting games, making important announcements such as grand entrances and special dances! This is what really sets Milkyway Music Enterprise LLC and its team apart from a standard entertainment company.
  • How long does it take set up and break-down your equipment?
    Depending on the needs of your event, the set up can take anywhere from 60 minutes to 2 hours. Break down takes about one hour (or more if there are multiple sound systems placed in other rooms for the cocktail and ceremony).
  • Is set-up/break-down time included in the time we purchase or charged separately?
    This is one of the most popular of our wedding DJ questions. Be sure to ask all of your wedding vendors this question! We do not charge extra for set up; your time starts when the music starts, not when we arrive to set up. You are also not charged for break-down time, either. Exception: If you need us to set up earlier than 2 hours, or break-down later than one hour after the event ends, there is an additional charge. Example: wedding ceremony starts at 5 pm, and we’d normally arrive at 3 pm, to set up, but you need the DJ or photo booth to set up at 12 pm. Many companies do not include set-up/break-down time and charge additional fees for this time. Again, we do not do this, unless it is the above exception.
  • What do you typically wear?
    We always dress appropriately for the occasion. Our staff will wear slacks and a button up dress shirt. For outdoor, summer events, we have company Polo shirts we typically wear, with slacks. If we need to dress more formal, please let us know and we certainly can do this.
  • Will the DJ take requests?
    Yes, we can certainly take live requests. We will do our best to play all of them, given that we have the song and there is enough time to get through the written playlist and must-play songs. We ask all our clients to let us know if requests are okay and ask for any restrictions on requests, such as: “Yes, play requests, but no rap, metal, etc."
  • Our crowd can be tough, is there anything you could do to get them up dancing?
    We rarely have to do this, but yes, our MCs will surely create a welcoming and free flying atmosphere for your guests to experience before they even touch the dance floor. Along with your wedding schedule and the traditional events that take place we can also assist you by adding unique game ideas that we've implemented in the past and have worked for us countless times.
  • When is our final balance due?
    The final balance is due on the day of your wedding day; however can be paid at anytime prior to that date. We'll meet in person, or via phone or video call, before your wedding day, to go over your schedule and playlists, answer any other wedding questions you may have, and collect/discuss the final payment. Many couples also opt in to perform daily payments, and if they do so, we will send them an updated invoice, reflecting the payment and remaining balance, each time.
  • Do you take breaks during the ceremony/reception?
    Though most bands will take breaks at weddings, we do not take breaks. We will have a chair, next to us, and sit down, if needed. Being on your feet at events, all day, can be tough, but we also supply ourselves with soft matts to stand on which cushion our legs and feet during long hour receptions.
  • How does it work if I have a band playing and only need you to play during the ceremony, cocktail hour, and for the band’s break, later on during the night?
    We base our rates per hour at any type of event. If we start the ceremony and then stop playing since there are live musicians, we cannot technically be on “break,” since we’re there at the event and cannot leave. Even though we may not be playing music, our DJs will often still make necessary announcements, call tables, facilitate toasts, speeches, etc. So we will charge based on the total amount of time we’re there, from the time we start until the time we end (we don’t charge for setup/breakdown time).
  • How will you decide which of your DJs will perform at my wedding?
    This is probably our most frequently asked question, of all our wedding questions, and it’s very important. During our initial conversations, we’ll discuss the music you want for your wedding. Based on your music choices, we’ll select the DJ that best fits your needs and requirements as an MC. Although all of our DJs are educated in differentiating genres of music and song selection, we have some DJs who excell in mixing certain music tastes. All of our DJs are very professional and experienced, and have done hundreds of weddings prior to yours. They’re all sure to do a remarkable job!
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